Maria and I had a daughter whom we loved very much. But something unfortunate happened to us and our life changed completely

“I hurriedly got married to Marina. We weren’t in love with one another. She agreed to the offer, which was only made once. I had to be married when I was seventeen because of unforeseen circumstances. Marina wished for me to begin working, but I chose to enroll in a polytechnic institute instead.

In order to pay for our shared apartment and make a living, I went to lectures in the morning, worked on projects during the day, and unloaded railway cars from nine at night until one in the morning. Amelia, our daughter, was born. Because of how much I cared for her, I put up with a challenging marriage.


My wife, though, fled away from us for two weeks one day. Amelia had to go with me to my lectures, and fortunately, she sat quietly and did some drawing while the teachers were sympathetic. In addition to providing care for the child, one of my female classmates had a lawyer father who promised to assist me in getting a divorce so that Amelia could remain with me. When Marina went back home, I started the divorce process.

I remained adamant about my plans despite Marina murmuring something about wanting me to leave the institute. After the judge ruled in my favor, neither my daughter nor I ever saw Marina again.

There have been ten years. Do I regret getting married? In no way. Yes, it was difficult. Financial, psychological, and physical issues existed. yet all of that is in the past.

Today, Amelia is an exceptional student at home and at school, and I operate my own business. I also have a cherished daughter who hasn’t spoken of her mother since I first informed her about her. She is developing into a lovely young woman. My kid and I will be traveling to the Black Sea in a month.

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