“In our city, there was an accident that claimed the life of a student named James. Only after the ceremony did we learn a secret about her that she had hidden from everyone for four years.”

I sometimes have the impression that life is like a train that runs ceaselessly on time, entirely unconcerned about passengers getting on or off. Passengers have long accepted the way things are because of its unwavering momentum.

They still have no power to make any changes, even if they haven’t quit. You never know when it will be your turn to venture into the unknown. The reason I want to share this tale is that it will soon be forgotten, life will go on, and only those who are close to us will continue to remember and weep.


There was a female in our group that was preparing for the chemistry exam. Although Sasha and I didn’t connect frequently, it was enjoyable to speak with her because she was always optimistic and upbeat. When horrible news hit our community, I was in my second year. Numerous people were killed when a bus and a freight wagon collided. Students made up a sizable number of the victims, and James was one among them. She was just twenty years old, which made it difficult to believe.

She was the sole child of her parents, and her loss was irreparable. A secret narrative that had been carefully kept hidden previously started to come out after the funeral. It found out that James had a daughter who was raised in an orphanage and who was born when she was 16 years old.

Her parents demanded she give birth covertly and abandon the child in order to avoid having the child interfere with her education. Following the incident, James’ mother took her granddaughter back into the family after having a change of heart.

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