Albino sisters born 12 years apart amaze whole world with their extraordinary beauty

Despite having been born more than a decade apart, these siblings share something special in common.

Albinos have a distinctive appearance due to an unusual genetic illness called albinism, which causes a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair:

It’s incredible that one Kazakh couple had not one, but two albino children who were born 12 years apart from each other.

Meet Asel and Kamila, the very different siblings who are in high demand as models:Asel, who is 14 years old, is the older child.

Her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, said she was surprised when she was born an albino.

Genetics were not as advanced when she gave birth to her oldest child, she said. “It’s just starting to develop. The physicians were astounded.

Imagine their surprise when Kamila was born 12 years later and had the exact same issue.They teamed up and established a modeling collaboration since these two brothers together are an awesome, striking sight.

Since the birth of her sister when she was two years old, Asel, who has been modeling since she was ten, has been more well-known. The two have accumulated more than 33,000 followers on Instagram.

Albinism has certainly aided their success, although it’s not always easy. One of the conditions linked to the disorder is a sensitivity to sunlight.

“I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, wear headgear, or use an umbrella if I go outside in the afternoon,” Asel added.

It’s much simpler for me in the evening when there is almost no sun.

Regardless of the difficulties life presents them with, they will always have one another.

Due to the rarity of their disease, albinos frequently feel isolated; nevertheless, these two sisters are lucky in that they will always have a family member who has the same condition.

Their modeling career will hopefully increase understanding of albinism and show how stunning albinos can be.

Asel stated that “many people do not know what albinos are.”

These sisters are gorgeous in our opinion. Share this amazing tale and stunning images!

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