What Madame Michelle Looks Like Now: “I Want My Old Look Back!”

I. Goncharuk, a well-known performer, rose to fame as Madame Michelle in the 1990s. Sadly, her lovely beauty was shattered after being attacked by unknown intruders.

For a very long time, not much was known about the vocalist. But she made a conscious choice to maintain her online personas and avoid isolation.

She frequently receives criticism from those who harbor anger for her, and they occasionally claim that she once identified as transsexual. Additionally, the singer is charged of overdoing it with plastic surgery.

Michelle, meanwhile, is accustomed to disregarding the opinions of others. She even recently admitted that she intended to undergo additional cosmetic surgery in order to restore her former appearance during a televised interview.

Her excessive lip and eyebrow tattooing has already drawn criticism from some of her followers.

In contrast, Michelle shares images of herself from when she was younger, demonstrating that she had lip augmentation at that time.

It’s fascinating to note that despite her new appearance, she was still able to fall in love, get married, start a family, and raise two children. Her husband openly acknowledges that he is attracted to her for reasons other than her looks.

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