She’s cute. This is how the life of the thumbelina girl, who will always be the size of a doll, goes on.

Let’s look at the charming Thumbelina-like girl going about her daily life, who will always be the size of a doll.

In the image, an adorable baby in a stroller can be seen. But rather than a child, this stroller is made for a medium-sized doll.

This is due to the child protagonist of our story, Abigail, having a small build and having a rare sort of dwarfism.

Her condition is hard to pinpoint properly, but to put it simply, her body never develops. Despite advancements in modern medicine, Abigail is now without a viable treatment option.

At age 2, she weighs only 4 kg, which gives her the appearance of a newborn baby. Her elder sister, who is only two years older than she is, appears much larger in comparison.

Small furniture, toys, and household items that were expressly ordered for Abigail are used to create her sense of comfort.

Despite the minimal development that is anticipated for Abigail, doctors are optimistic that she will lead a full life. Eventually, she will learn to walk, speak, pursue an education, and develop skills that are in line with her capacity.

Abigail’s parents have faith that one day, medical innovation will enable them to assist their little “Thumbelina” daughter in overcoming her challenges.

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