Paparazzi captured 54-year-old Julia Roberts on a cruise! Fans were not thrilled with the simple outfit of the actress!

Julia Roberts is 55 this year, which is unexpected. The actress acknowledges that she leads a segregated lifestyle and feels uneasy during secular gatherings.

She is also still uncomfortable with the flashes from the many cameras pointed at her as she walks the red carpet.

The celebrity recently took a voyage to Australia, where she was once more photographed by paparazzi. A plain woman wearing shorts and an enormous T-shirt made it difficult to identify her as a Hollywood celebrity.

She also had a haphazard braid and a baseball cap on. The sunglasses our heroine was wearing completed her look. Fans of famous people were shocked to see their beloved actress dressed so simply. Many people also pointed out that her extreme thinness is not at all flattering.

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