Man Pens Touching Tribute To Neighbor Who Taught Him To Be A Father

A family isn’t formed through blood. It doesn’t instill morals, hard work, or love in us.Time, relationships, and encounters all contribute to our eventual development.Family is made up of those who cherish and care for us, who make investments in us and assist in our education.

Cody Shugard just published a photo of Mr. Chip, his longtime neighbor and friend, cradling his son.Shugard wrote a heartfelt eulogy for Mr. Chip in which he spoke of how the man had shaped the father, son, and man Shugard is today.

Read his heartfelt eulogy below:

Consequently, a lot of people like this image. I therefore wanted to take a moment to share the story. Milton West was the neighbor I grew up with. He was Mr. Chip to me. He was an operator at DOW Chemical until he retired. Since I was two years old, he has always been there for me. For me, growing up without a father was never easy. But the Lord gave me terrific men to surround me, Mr. Chip being one of them. In addition to teaching me how to take care of a yard, recognize people for who they are rather than what they seem like, and treat my mother with respect, he also taught me the value of knowledge. He made a significant impact to my development as a good son, man, and father.
I will always be grateful to God for bringing him into my life.
So, my wife and I welcomed a son called Bob Wayne Shugart in May of last year. Mr. Chip and his wife Shirley fell in love with him the moment they saw him. They occasionally watch him while we visit him when we can. Mr. Chip stated that he wishes to be nicknamed “POP” the last time we visited them. That’s his grandchild, he claims. Therefore, we had to think of a name for his wife. We choose Lolli, yay!
So we inform Bob Wayne that we will be seeing Lolli Pop! That Lolli and Pop will be a part of my son’s life makes me happy. He will grow into a wonderful kid, man, and parent if he picks up even half of what I did from Mr. Chip.

I read about how racial relations are getting worse every day in the news. I disagree, and I want this to spread a kind, uplifting message to many of people. This is but one of many tales from little Victoria, Texas. In the US, there are undoubtedly millions of stories like this.

We adore this lovely tale about family, love, and acceptance! Please let us know in the comments if you share its love.

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