Exactly Like Her Father. What the current appearance of Tom Cruise’s daughter, with whom he is not in contact, is

Actor Tom Cruise cut off contact with their lone child after formally divorcing his wife in 2012. Suri, 16, is currently being keenly watched by paparazzi and fans of her famous parents.

Katie Holmes has laboriously tried to keep Suri out of the spotlight, but she has gradually begun to do so.

Suri was recently seen on camera by paparazzi in New York City as she walked with a friend. Tom struggles to get any rest after turning his back on his own child. “What a beautiful girl,” “A copy of her father,” “And how does Tom sleep peacefully?”

“Imported only the best from her parents,” It was “like two drops in her father’s shoe,”

Users of the Network have commented under Suri’s pictures, “Looks like Tom when she was young.” Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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