The woman was upset and told her grandmother that her husband cheated on her

Every time we encounter challenges in life, we are compelled to talk to individuals close to us about our worries and concerns so that we can realize we are not alone.

A woman found out about her husband’s infidelity one day. She went to her grandma because her world had fallen apart into a million pieces and she wanted someone to talk to. The elderly woman asked her to follow her to the kitchen after hearing her explanation of the circumstance. She took three pots and started boiling water there. She then placed a carrot, an egg, and some coffee beans into other pots.

When the granddaughter became perplexed and asked her grandmother what was happening, the elderly woman advised her to wait and observe it for herself.

After some time had passed, the grandmother removed the carrot and asked her granddaughter to describe what had happened to it as a result of the water. The granddaughter claimed that the root was made softer by the heating water. The egg was hardened at the same time by the boiling water. The water was altered by the coffee beans, in this case.

The grandmother then inquired as to which of the carrot, egg, or coffee beans her grandchild represented.

Adversities can sometimes soften us, just like the water did to the carrot. We overcome our issues and come out more adaptable and empathetic. Sometimes, like the egg, we emerge tougher and stronger. If we choose to be a coffee bean, we do our best to adjust the circumstance so that it works best for us and raise ourselves to a higher level rather than letting it impact us.

That day, the granddaughter picked up a crucial lesson.

Who are you, exactly? The coffee bean, the egg, or the carrot?

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