Many praised a father of two for what he did in a supermarket

How many people would volunteer their services to a total stranger in need? Sadly, not many is the answer. However, those who would are what keep our planet turning.

Ryan O’Donnell and his children were completing their grocery shopping at the store.

Ryan and his boys went to the register after gathering everything they required. An elderly woman trying to pay for her groceries in front of them had her card repeatedly denied.

Ryan didn’t want the woman to leave the store without anything, so he made the unpleasant decision to pay for the woman’s groceries. Ryan urged the woman to pay for her goods with $50 from his wallet even though she was supposed to pay $44.

The woman’s joy was impossible to conceal. When she turned to Ryan to express her gratitude and inquire about how she might repay the kindness, Ryan just said, “Don’t worry, have a nice day.”

Ryan had no idea that someone was photographing him while he practiced compassion and conducted a good deed.

The images and Ryan’s story of kindness shredding gained a lot of attention after being shared on social media. Numerous individuals applauded what he did.

Ryan replied to a local media when asked why he decided to pay for the woman’s groceries, “I did what my parents taught me, to help others when I could!”

If there were more Ryans in the world, just picture what it would look like.

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