Little boy’s potty-training talk is so funny it makes dad cry with laughter

I’m confident that everyone has experienced embarrassment over actions they took at some point in their lives. We find some of those things amusing as well and recall them as thrilling events in our lives.

He’ll undoubtedly be either proud of or embarrassed by this viral video of a young child who is potty trained and makes everyone giggle when he grows up.

But despite the ‘consequences,’ we are confident that everyone who sees it will smile widely. It implies that this young kid will grow up to be a person with a contagious personality who is eager to brighten everyone’s day.

We are so happy that Matty’s parents decided to record this event. The toddler can be heard telling his mother, who is recording, “I didn’t poop, I peed.” He makes an additional effort to say it in a sassy voice because he just knows it’s amusing.

This made his father laugh so hard that he asked Matty again whether he had pooped, to which the boy said, “No, I peed.” He repeats it a few more times, each time sounding snarkier than the previous utterance. The father lost all composure and started laughing.

The laughter was so intense that Matty’s father even began to cry. Since Matty knew that people only weep when they are sad, he was a little concerned for his father and he enquired, “Are you sad, daddy?”

However, Daddy was there to soothe him and made an effort to explain that people do occasionally cry when they are extremely happy as well. Matty seems to understand it and feel relieved.

Additionally, he wanted to encourage his father even more by repeatedly repeating the remarks.

People adored Matty so much that his video received 283,000 likes and more than 800,000 shares. In just three weeks, it brightened the days of about 27 million people, which illustrates how much everyone cherished it.

We just hope Matty will enjoy it as much as we did when he sees it in a few years.

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