Doctors discover surprise inside pastor who donated kidney

Who could have predicted this would occur?

In spite of saving the life of another person in North Carolina, one man’s selfless deed ultimately saved his own. It was Pastor Tim Jones, who wished to help a man he met at a church fundraiser last fall by giving one of his kidneys. Don Herbert, a former professional wrestler who is now a gospel musician, needed a kidney transplant due to kidney disease.

“I wanted to give him a second opportunity at life and hope. I prayed to God for peace over it, and a few days later, He granted me peace. We’re going to do this, I told my wife,” said Jones.

He underwent tests and was compatible with Herbert! The transplant was finally planned at Duke University Medical Center after a number of preliminary exams and procedures, and it was a success. Additionally, Jones’ life was also saved during the procedure in addition to Herbert’s.

Jones’ surgery took six hours, which was twice as long as it should have because physicians discovered an aneurysm in one of his arteries. Up to this point, it had never surfaced in any of the preoperative tests.

Due to the large number of people on the waiting list for a new kidney, the chances of finding a donor were extremely poor. Tim Jones, a local pastor, and Herbert had first connected at a church bake and craft sale. The two quickly grew close as Don struck up a discussion and mentioned his love of gospel music. Herbert is currently in difficulty.

Early in November, following a checkup at the Duke University Medical Center, 56-year-old Herbert received a diagnosis of stage 4 kidney disease. He had failing kidneys in both of them, but that wasn’t the only problem. He was taken off the hospital’s kidney waiting list because he also required a cardiac catheterization. Both Herbert and his wife Belinda were devastated by this information.

On their Facebook page, Belinda posted about her husband’s situation and made a personal appeal to anyone who would offer Don another shot at organ donation. Afternoon Facebook browsing by Jones led to his discovery of Belinda’s post.

The Herberts were then welcomed to Tim and Sherry’s Salisbury residence in Settlers Grove. They were apprised of Don’s entire medical background and experiences by the couple. Jones then announced to Herbert that he was willing to give him one of his kidneys as a present. The ideal match spared two lives.

“What if I was the one? What if it was you instead? How many individuals would be waiting in line to donate a kidney to us?

Jones, though, has claimed that he was actually not at all anxious for the treatment. “I know that things are perilous for me. But for Don, they pose greater risk. My wife teases me and tells me, ‘You act like you’re handing him a piece of gum,'” he laughs.

Watch the video below to see how the two men’s narrative develops!

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