Exceptional reaction from mom when she discovers breastfeeding video online

Izabele Lomax, a mother from Maryland, was emailed a snapshot from a video of a woman breastfeeding her child in public who looked exactly like her, and she was completely taken aback.

Izabele discovered someone had recorded her nursing her child uncovered at the beach after watching the video. The video was widely shared on social media when she first heard about it.

Izabele was further shocked to discover the person who had taken the video was a mother after finding them. The mother claimed she released the video because she thought it was improper for Izabele to nurse her child in public, and because her four-year-old son and other kids thought it was inappropriate and’sexual’ and began to ask questions.

Izabele, who was visibly upset and agitated, claimed that although she did saw the mother and her son walking by, she had no idea they were filming her.

The woman could just stop and tell Izabele that she didn’t feel comfortable with her feeding the child in public rather than invading her privacy.

Izabele wrote, “Not only did this mother stroll past me several times with her son, but you had every chance in the world to say something to me. “If you have the time to record me and post this joke on Facebook, you have the time to teach your son that babies are fed in this manner,” I said.

Izabele has a lot of social media users at her side.

Whom does this woman believe needs to be protected? Kids? Simple response: ‘That mom is feeding her baby,'” said one commenter.

It is so sad that whenever the “issue” of breastfeeding in public is brought up, there is always a discussion about whether it is suitable or acceptable.

It’s important for everyone to realize that a hungry baby doesn’t care where its mother is—at home or outside—and neither does it when it’s hungry. They are simply interested in getting their food.The fact that there aren’t sufficient accommodations for mothers to be able to breastfeed their children in public, rather than the mothers themselves, is, I suppose, the actual tragedy in this situation.

Despite all of this, there are still those who are offended by the sight of a mother and her infant developing a close attachment while nursing and urge them to cover up.

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