Mom fights for son, 8, to keep his long hair despite schools rejecting him

Farouk James, an 8-year-old child, may not receive a quality education as a result of the rigorous school policies that prevent him from attending lessons unless he gets a haircut.

The pupils’ needs to stand out from the crowd and be distinctive are occasionally constrained by the rigid school rules, many of which are thought to be absurd by both children and parents. These rules can sometimes stifle children’s creativity by forcing them to conform and not think beyond the box.

Because of his sweetness and his amazing mane, the little Londoner in question, James, received numerous offers from modeling agencies to be a child model. James is now supporting himself as a child model after taking part in photo shoots in New York and Italy.

Sadly, this young man was turned away from multiple institutions because of his long hair.


James Miller’s mother, Bonnie Miller, noted that because the boy’s grandpa is Ghanaian, they had to wait three years before cutting his hair, as is customary. The youngster eventually grew connected to his hair, though.

In Bonnie’s words to CBS News, “At that point he was attached—and so was I, to be honest—to his beautiful hair.”All we did was keep the hair.

Bonnie thinks that it is against children’s human rights for UK schools to permit long hair for girls but forbid it for guys.

Bonnie posted on Instagram, “I won’t give up trying to get governments to put legislation in place to safeguard children from these archaic, cruel restrictions.

“Farouk hasn’t broken any laws, and YOU JUDGE HIM! As they all get admitted into the schools he so desperately wants to go, he will say goodbye to his buddies.

She even initiated a petition to ban hair discrimination in the United Kingdom.

Bonnie announced, “We’re putting together a real team and naming it the Mane Generation.”Until these rules are altered, we’re going to fight this. And it affects the entire world, not just the United Kingdom.

One million people follow James’ mom’s Instagram account, which has a fourth of that number of followers.

But not all of his supporters concur with Bonnie. On the contrary, they occasionally hear offensive remarks.

After Bonnie discussed the family’s difficulties in finding a good school for her son during an interview on the U.K.’s This Morning, the family began getting hateful letters.

Bonnie stated in May of last year, “This week is mental health week, so I’m surprised to be receiving lots of negative comments about Farouk’s hair.”


“Farouk’s hair is a part of him that God gave him; he won’t cut it to please anybody, just as he won’t keep it long at my request either,” he said.

She further claims that because locks and dreadlocks are seen as racist, several schools restrict children from sporting them.

She claims that many of the school rules need to be abolished and that her son’s hair is an important part of who he is.

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