A newly adopted stray dog saved the life of a newborn baby in the middle of the night.

The Robinsons planned to establish a farm when they bought a house in a secluded area.
Mrs. Robinson had to give birth to a boy, her second child, in just four months while still carrying the baby. The Robinsons were animal lovers, but because they lived in an apartment where the landlord forbade them from having a dog, they now want at least one puppy. They started setting up the child’s room as soon as they moved into the new house so that it would be ready when the new family member was born.
The two wives took their 6-year-old son Matias to an animal shelter to choose a dog. They wanted a non-aggressive puppy who could grow up on the farm with the kids.
After touring the paddocks and hearing about some of the dogs’ tragic stories, they were hesitant of which puppy to choose.

As they were leaving, they came across Benson, a 4-year-old pit bull. He walked back, his tail tucked between his knees, as if he had lost all faith in people.
When the Robinson family asked about Benson, the staff at the animal shelter told them that he had a terribly bad life. After being used in dog fights, he was dumped on the streets, where volunteers found him. Before being adopted by a couple, Benson spent some time in the dog shelter. However, after just two weeks, they took Benson back to the shelter on the grounds that he has behavioral problems and is abusive toward his owners.

Benson was adopted by a family with children against the volunteers’ recommendation not to because Mr. Robinson persisted on giving him a chance. Even the route to the car was difficult for Benson because he wasn’t used to walking on a leash, but they eventually arrived at their destination.
Benson was first fairly shy, timid, and secluded. But with time, Benson was able to adapt and form bonds with each member of the family, especially Matias.

After Mrs. Robinson gave birth, they brought the new baby home and introduced Benson to him. He gently licked the baby’s face after giving him a sniff. The owners understood right away that Benson was a lovely dog and that they would get along well.

Benson was only two months old when the Robinsons were awakened one night by the baby’s loud barking. He continued to bark and tried to enter the crib, but the safety bars prevented him from doing so. In an effort to reach the baby, he started chewing the cot. When the Robinsons took the child into their arms, they found the youngster had stopped breathing, which was what first worried them because they thought Benson was trying to hurt the child.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors were able to revive him. The doctor told the parents that if the baby had remained in cardiorespiratory arrest for more than 30 minutes, he would have died.
Benson achieved renown and proved that nothing occurs by accident. The Robinson family was the first to give Benson a chance, and Benson ultimately saved their baby’s life.
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