8-year-old girl killed in Kansas after getting hit

The loss of a child is the greatest loss there is. Whatever the passage of time, that kind of pain never goes away.

Unfortunately, we see parents saying goodbye to their kids, and every time we hear of a loss like that, our hearts break into a million pieces.

Like most girls her age, Harmoney Harper was unremarkable. She enjoyed spending time with her friends and was eager for the new academic year to begin. She had a great time on her first day of school, but tragically, she was killed in an accident before she could attend her second day.

Harmony, age 8, and her brother were waiting for the school bus in front of their house on Wednesday, August 16 when another school bus struck them.

Quickly arriving first responders attempted to revive her, but she remained unconscious.

The number of kids on the bus at the time of the accident hasn’t been made public by the authorities, but they have stated that no other kids were injured.

Jasper Harper, Harmoney’s father, remembered the incident that took his daughter’s life.

“My wife walked outside after hearing my son yell for his sister, she claimed. “I need you now” awakened me up. I put on clothes. ‘Call 911, my daughter’s dead,’ I overheard before reaching the front door. Outside of her house, where she felt safe, she was playing.

The mother of the girl’s screams were heard by the neighbors. She cried out, “Oh my God, oh my God, my baby.”

I wish I could give the mother a bear hug right this second, one of the neighbors remarked. I wish she knew that she is being prayed for tonight by a sizable number of people.

“I can only speculate as to the bus driver’s emotions. “It just broke my heart to hear the mother scream ‘oh my god, oh my god,'” a neighbor recounted.

To aid them with the costs of the funeral, the family established a GoFundMe campaign. The description asked for prayers and supportive remarks for the family if you were unable to donate money.

Those who knew Harmony have nothing but kind words to say about her.

Donna Osborn, the principal of Oaklawn Elementary School, characterized her as “full of compliments for everyone around her.”

After that, she continued, “She always had a smile on her face and was the first to offer everyone a hug every day. Harmoney will be sorely missed at Oaklawn and her passing is a sad loss.

One of those who expressed their sorrow at Harmony’s terrible passing was Superintendent Heather Bohaty.

She stated, “We are heartbroken by the loss of one of our students,” and added, “Students and staff will be supported by additional social workers from schools across our district” during this difficult time.

Peace be with you, Harmony.

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