Zoo refuses to save drowning champ, so man jumps guard rail & takes matters into his own hands

First off, in our opinion, zoos are not the proper home for wild animals. For instance, chimpanzees should be permitted to lead the lifestyles they choose.

No matter how much space they have to move around or how well they are taken care of, they are still better off in the wild.

Having said that, we were forced to share with you this video of a rescue operation. In order to save a chimpanzee by plunging into a pit, a man is shown breaking zoo rules and warning warnings.That is what we currently mean by heroism.

A chimpanzee named Jo-Jo unluckily fell into the man-made moat in the Detroit Zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit in 1990. He was being pursued by a second, more hostile chimpanzee when he managed to jump over the barrier that was designed to keep him out of the water.

Jo-Jo fretted and struggled to remain calm. About ten shocked spectators simultaneously witnessed him drown in the water.

One of them was 33-year-old truck driver Rick Swope, who was there with his wife and three children. When he noticed the horror on Jo-Jo’s face, he felt compelled to take action and plunged into the water to save the big ape.

Remember that chimpanzees are five times as strong as humans. The chimpanzee was contained with a big group of other chimpanzees that could have become violent at any time, and it was in a place that was off-limits to tourists.

But Rick didn’t pause. His family gasped in awe as he lifted Jo-Jo from the water and onto the ground. Furthermore, it wasn’t the easiest thing.

Jo-Jo once escaped Rick’s grip and disappeared under the water. Rick eventually succeeded in rescuing the 18-year-old chimpanzee who weighed 200 pounds (90 kg) after making one more attempt.

When Jo-Jo emerged from the water, he was in poor condition but still alive. Rick rescued him.

When Jo-Jo emerged from the water, he was in poor condition but still alive. Rick rescued him.

He was looking at me. According to Rick, I think he knew what was going on, according to the Chicago Tribune.

See the valiant rescue here:

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