When the father-to-be walked away from his pregnant daughter, he had no idea how he would repay her with his life..you will be blown away if you read this

Since she was a little girl, Iris had always adored children and believed she would have a big family. She immediately received two girls as a result of the good fortune of fate. The moment Iris told her lover, the future father, about this fantastic news, he vanished without a trace. He had no idea how life would respond to him when he left the pregnant female.

Iris experienced early conflicts, but thankfully all worked out well. With her daughters, the young mother is ecstatic. Even though the father had abandoned the girls, she didn’t think it was possible to be so joyful. Dasha and her kids were fortunate to have a place to reside. It was first difficult for her to accept that her husband had left and that she would now have to care for the kids by herself. Dasha made the decision to attempt calling her sweetheart, but no one picked up. She also made an effort to track him out through acquaintances, but in vain. Later, after succumbing to weakness, she vowed never to subject herself to such humiliation once more.

The children were cared for throughout the day by Iris’s mother, who had already retired. Dasha made the decision to return to work right after in order to provide her girls what they required. The quality of life started to gradually improve.

Years have passed since the girls’ births. Dasha put in a lot of effort and gained the respect of her superiors. She was given the position of corporate deputy manager. Up until she ran into her ex-boyfriend again, her life looked to be going well. When he finally saw her again, he was happily surprised. She was no longer the timid girl he previously knew; instead, she exuded confidence and was wearing pricey attire and heels. What a cruel joke it must have been for him to find out that Dasha was going to interview him and decide whether or not he would be hired by the company. Dasha recognized him right away and relished the occasion. Fate had fully repaid him.

When they arrived at the office, her ex, Nikita, started pleading with them for forgiveness and a job. Dasha merely laughed at his antics before dialing security. His interview was never successful. Dasha smiled as she recalled the circumstance.

She once believed it was unjust that she had two children while her spouse was still alive. However, she suddenly understood that she had been given two gifts: her children and freedom from a true loser.

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