This girl’s father refuses to take care of her, but his second wife takes care of her, but then the unexpected happened

Blended families need to establish stability, which is not always simple. Particularly when the breakup between partners was contentious, the status of stepparents frequently proves delicate and necessitates time and conversations.

Candice Curry had a teenage daughter and was divorced. She made the decision to post a letter to the new wife of her ex-partner, the child’s father, on her blog after finding out that he was getting remarried.

“To the stepmother of my daughter, please know that I never wanted you here. My plans never included you. You were not on my mind when I was growing up and considering starting a family. In my mind, my family would not be you; it would be just myself, my husband, and our kids.

I assume you also had no idea what it would be like to have a child that you did not give birth to.

I’m ready to wager that your plan didn’t just include me or my daughter; it also included you, a father, and your kids.
God, however, has purposes that we cannot fathom. I knew you were coming when my family divided into two families. My kid would not want you to be her mother, not at all, in my opinion, as you were going to be a terrible person. I wished you weren’t so attractive so my daughter wouldn’t desire to look like you.

Her father would understand that he has linked his fate to the second-best performer. I didn’t want to face the possibility that my child may be raised by another woman while I was gone.
And then you showed up. And you weren’t what I expected you to be. Do you remember that you were supposed to be terrible? You, however, were charming and weren’t. Do you remember that you were supposed to be ugly? No, you were a lovely young lady.

My forecasts were wholly incorrect. When you first met me, I saw you, and I am certain that things were just as difficult for you as they were for me.
My heart immediately began to relax. What a lovely smile! I had intended to despise you.

Why must you thwart my plans? I quickly expressed my gratitude for your presence because you prevented me from expecting you to vanish as planned.
It’s a true blessing to all of us that you accepted my baby right away and loved her without conditions.
My kid felt liked and accepted since you involved her in all of your activities.

It is uncommon for a mother and a stepmother to write each other letters to express their love and respect for one another. You are a unique jewel.

The initial portion of this mother’s letter will certainly be familiar to many, yet it actually demonstrates how adversity may present an opportunity.

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