The guardian said that my son was nothing like his father, I already felt that something was wrong when suddenly my son told the whole story

A father, a mother, and their five-year-old son, Gosh, were having supper together as a family. The son asked his mother abruptly, “Mom, why don’t I look like dad?”

“Who said that to you?!” The mother shot back angrily. The father warned his wife, “Don’t yell at the child,” before asking his wife, “Do you have something to tell us?”

What on earth do you think I’m accusing you of? The wife shot back. “Before you speak, think!”

She heatedly said, “I’d like to see your reaction if you were accused of something like this.

“Who says that I’m accusing you?” The spouse became irrational. I didn’t say it out loud, but your question made it clear that I had! If you don’t believe me, perhaps you never loved me or never loved me at all.

The wife’s temper flared, “Maybe you never loved me!”

A heated quarrel was about to break out as the verbal exchange increased. However, their son Gosh interrupted at that very moment with a “significant” word. “Why are you arguing, mom and dad? Just make me appear like my father.

The parents stared at their son with their jaws open. The question “What do you mean?” At last, the father was able to speak.

It’s extremely easy. The son said, “You just need to give me a hammer and a saw.

The parents looked at one other in confusion. Finally, the father asked, “Explain.”

Gosh sighed, “I broke another chair in kindergarten,” and he started to tell the story. ‘Gosh, you’re not at all like your dad,’ Miss Marina exclaimed. You keep ruining our stuff, but he comes and fixes it. Will you please give me a hammer and a saw, Dad? I’ll mend the chair and then I’ll resemble you exactly.

The father then started laughing, which made the windows start to shake. In an effort to control her laughter, the mother buried her head in her hands.

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