The girl did not know about the pregnancy for 9 months, and then she suddenly gave birth right in the bedroom

Stacey Porter and David Johnson, a Scottish couple, experienced a humorous incident. They had no idea how quickly their carefree, young lives would alter. They unexpectedly found themselves the parents of a beautiful girl.

On May 10, late in the evening, it all began. David chose to spend the night on the first level, while Stacy went up to the second-floor bedroom after dinner and before going to bed. Up until David looked at his silent cell phone, everything was going according to plan. He counted up to 60 missed calls from Stacey, which terrified him greatly. “Come quickly to me,” Stacey said when David phoned her again. I had a baby!”

David hurried to his fiancée after being taken aback by the startling news and called an ambulance. While sobbing and cradling a precious infant, poor Stacey. A girl was there.

Soon a group of medical personnel arrived to the young couple and instructed David to prepare Stacy’s hospital bag. Stacy, 20, who was already a patient there, told the medical staff about her difficult delivery. It turns out that the girl was pregnant for nine months without even being aware of it. She visited far-off places while consuming booze. Daughter Stacy was born strong and healthy despite this way of life.

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