Pregnant woman left by husband at 36 weeks finds $10,000 wedge of cash in the oven

The quality of Amanda Sydney’s life was beginning to improve. Australia-born Amanda was anticipating a wonderful year full with love, success, and a promising future!

She and her husband tried for a child for three hard years before she eventually became pregnant, and they had just moved into the home they had spent more than two years renovating.


Amanda was in excellent shape; in fact, she couldn’t have been happier. Her life, her hopes, and her dreams were almost certainly about to be destroyed in the worst way.
Her husband unexpectedly dropped the bombshell that he wanted to leave on her, telling her as he quickly walked out the door and disappeared! Amanda was alone, pregnant, and faced with mountains of debt before she ever had time to breathe!

With no money, a baby on the way, and no idea what lay ahead for her or her child, Amanda contemplated her predicament by herself. She was in a total emotional state. Thankfully, her friend Anna was there to support her emotionally, but it was Anna who had the brilliant idea to write to the local radio station, KIIS 1065, and request that they take her into consideration for a position in their “give back” program.

When the radio station found out about Amanda’s situation, they made the decision to become involved and assist. Knowing that providing assistance on their own would be challenging, they enlisted the aid of nearby companies to create an outstanding spectacle.

They invited Amanda and Anna to record a part with them in the radio studios, but Amanda had no idea what to expect. She explained to the radio hosts that the mystery surrounding the entire scenario was its worst aspect.

Alyssa stated:

“It’s been about five weeks since it happened”… The biggest issue is probably just the shock because it wasn’t really what we or I had anticipated.

After Amanda had done, the radio hostess turned to face a television screen behind her, which was playing a tour of Amanda’s new home. To her amazement, they emphasized all they had done to support her!

The food in the refrigerator was a gift from Eat Fit Food, and a promise to supply daily meals for the following three months was represented by a vacuum cleaner. There were $4,000 worth of baby goods for her on the counter, along with a $1,000 gift card for newborn photos!

However, everyone went crazy when the camera landed on the oven and the door was open.

A HUGE STACK OF CASH WAS INSIDE THE OVEN… Amazing, huh? $10,000 means Amanda won’t have to worry about her mortgage for a while.

All Amanda could utter through waves of tears was:

It means I no longer have to move.I just can’t say enough thanks to you.

It’s undoubtedly not the 2017 she had hoped for or even envisaged, but thanks to the kindness of strangers, she and her child can now start the year off to such a wonderful start.

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