One day, when my son saw his daughter, he suspected that he might not be the father of the child. And the unexpected happened.

At the age of 30, my son has matured into a responsible adult. He managed to get into a lot of trouble when he was younger, and now I’m paying for it. My son basically grew up on the streets because I raised him alone, without a husband, and while working long hours. He got into a bad firm and started to do some horrible things. He tended to hang out with these rough people when he was drunk, so I didn’t worry too much about these wild gatherings. My son had one girlfriend, but it was just a casual, non-relationship. After that, my son became pregnant by this young girl.


The girl’s parents threatened to sue us, so we were forced to get married to her and assume custody of the child. Despite all the obstacles, we were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Following this, my son and his wife both began to mature and assume responsibilities. My kid worked at a factory, while the wife secured employment as a salesperson in a store. Because my granddaughter was so intelligent and obedient, I enjoyed taking care of her. My son’s wife ended up divorcing him. Naturally, there was no love involved; they were just married for the benefit of the child.


My granddaughter moved in with me after that, and my son started providing child support. That was the way we lived. Then, one day, a questionable bunch of my son’s old pals decided to meet, and my son and granddaughter were invited as well. The visitors at the gathering commented that a girl present who was my granddaughter’s age and looked so much alike was “like two sisters.”

After the party, my son performed a paternity test because he began to have suspicions. The kid was actually from somewhere else, it came out. Legally, I’m a stranger to her because the father abandoned the child and the mother doesn’t want her either.

I have no idea how to assist the youngster. My son no longer makes child support payments, and my pension is meager. I feel bad for the girl because her mother’s negligence is not her fault.

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