Michael and Jessica were happy when they were able to adopt Daniel, but a year later the unexpected happened and they regretted their decision.

Michael and Jessica had trouble becoming pregnant. They sought treatment from different doctors and tried a variety of methods, but nothing seemed to be effective. They were forced to take drastic action and chose to adopt a child from an orphanage. They finally welcomed a boy named Boris into their home after months of paperwork. The young child flourished, eating healthily and settling well with his new family. He immediately began referring to them as “mom” and “dad.” When Boris entered kindergarten at age three, everything appeared to be going smoothly.

However, their focus moved almost exclusively to the infant when Jessica became pregnant with their own child. Boris experienced neglect. He would ask his parents, “Mom, play with me,” or “Dad, let’s play,” but they frequently ignored him, claiming they had to take care of the newborn. They provided him with coloring books and crayons so he would have something to do while Helen concentrated on making dinner. Little Boris was baffled as to why his parents had ceased playing with him, conversing with him, taking him on walks, and reading him bedtime stories.

She eventually spoke with Sasha and said that they might not be able to afford to have two kids since it was too difficult. They painfully decided to send Boris back to the orphanage. Sergei became extremely unwell the very night, and his parents hurried him to the hospital. There were no indications of illness or inflammation, thus the doctors were unable to determine the cause. Sveta continued contacting Sasha from the hospital, crying, confused of what to do with their son. She had almost finished collecting all the paperwork needed to send Boris back to the orphanage.

Michael left for the hospital while asking his mother to watch over Boris for a bit. Boris received the attention from his mother that he had recently been lacking from his parents. Boris went to sleep that night, and Sasha arrived back from the hospital. He started reading the adoption records.

What are these documents, son? Michael enquired.

“Mom, we want to return Boris,” Jessica said.

“Are you crazy, or what? You want to send back the child that God sent us just because we have him, right? Tear up these papers right away!”

As soon as Sasha tore up the papers, Jessica called from the hospital to say that Jessica’s fever had passed and he was sound asleep.

Boris was carried up by Michael, who then apologized and said, “I’m sorry, my son.”

Asking “What happened, Dad?” Half sleeping, Boris questioned.

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