Melissa had decided that if she ever had a child she would give him up for adoption, everything changed in an instant when she held her son. Such a touching story.

Melissa was a shy, introverted young woman. She didn’t have any pals, and she wasn’t into student gatherings. She devoted her life to her studies, and she traveled with books and textbooks. Her preferred location for leisure time was the university library. Few people at the institution were familiar with Anya since she didn’t want attention. She stayed late at the library that night, and as she left, she made the choice to bypass a void. There, a rapist caught up with her and carried out his heinous deed.

Melisaa was unable to see his face since he ran away so rapidly. A month and a half later, Anya discovered she was pregnant, and the effects of this experience became clear. The doctor strongly discouraged Melissa against having the pregnancy terminated, warning that she might never be able to have children if she did. Melissa reluctantly consented to carry the pregnancy, planning to place the kid for adoption after giving birth. Her focus at the time was on her education, not the challenges of parenthood.

But something inside her shifted when she saw her son at the orphanage. She looked at the child and thought, “I will never give you to anyone, you are mine and mine alone.” Her heart was captured by the boy’s affability. Melissa shivered when she remembered that she had once pondered leaving her son at the shelter two years prior. She is certain today that it would have been her biggest life mistake. She is delighted to have a son like Jack and has no regrets.Her son enjoys spending time with her. Mother and son went on a stroll together through the park. They were in good spirits and the weather was ideal. Myshko never stopped asking questions, and his mother, who loved his inquisitiveness, patiently provided detailed responses.

People walking by who overheard their conversation grinned. However, the mother and son were unaware of anyone else. The world is theirs, and they exist for one another.

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