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The first thing you notice about someone when you meet them is their physical appearance. The way a person looks doesn’t really matter over time as a couple decides to be together and get married because they realize that their partner’s inner beauty and the way they make them feel are what they love most about them. We genuinely comprehend the true meaning of love once we know that this is what we require in order to feel full.

However, there is a point in everyone’s life when they meet a new person whose attractiveness charms them and makes them forget about their partner who stood by them through good times and bad.

Regardless of whether you’re married or not, you should read the following account.

That evening when my wife was serving me supper when I got home, I took her hand and whispered, “I have something to tell you.” She took a seat and dined calmly. Her eyes were filled with sadness as I stared. I suddenly found it difficult to speak, but I had to let her know what was on my mind: “I want a divorce.” She softly questioned me, “Why,” without appearing to be offended by my statements. Not a man, are you?

We didn’t talk that night, and she cried. She was curious as to what was going on with me.

It had to do with our marriage, but I couldn’t say exactly what. She ended up breaking my heart because Joan was the other woman I had at the time. I no longer cherished my wife, but I felt sorry for her. I drafted a divorce agreement while feeling extremely guilty, and as a result, she received the house, the car, and 30% of our business.

She took a peek at the contract before discarding it. We had shared ten years of her life together, yet now we were like complete strangers. I felt sorry for her because despite the passing of the time, her vitality remained constant. I cherished Joan. All of a sudden, she began to scream. Now that I understood the concept of divorce better.

When I got home the following day, I was sitting at the table writing. After spending the day with Juana, I skipped dinner and immediately fell asleep. My wife was still writing at the table when I awoke. I didn’t mind and turned around to resume my nap. My wife explained the terms of the divorce to me in the morning. She didn’t want anything from me, but she did require a month’s notice.

She urged me to pretend that nothing had happened for a month. Our son had a whole month of testing, and she didn’t want to burden him with our failing marriage. That was her simple justification. She wanted me to carry her to our room like the day we got married, so I consented, but she also had another request. I believed she was crazy, but I understood that this was enough.

I escorted my wife to the front door on the first day and we both felt horrible because we hadn’t touched since I told her I was getting a divorce. Our youngster clapped as he followed us and said, “Dad is holding mom in his arms!” His remarks caused me much suffering.

I carried my wife in my arms as we moved the 10 meters. She lowered her eyes and whispered, “Do not mention the divorce to our son.” I then started working. I took my own car to work. We were both more at ease the next day.

She was leaning on my chest, and I could smell her clothing. I acknowledged that I hadn’t given it a thorough examination. She wasn’t as young anymore, had some wrinkles, and some gray hairs, which was clearly a result of our marriage. I paused for a second and wondered, “What did I do?” On the fourth day, I sensed that our affection was beginning to return. I was given 10 years of her life by this woman. It did so on the fifth and sixth days. Regarding Joan, I kept quiet.

My wife was easier to carry every other day, and the month was slipping away. I assumed I had gotten accustomed to her size. She was looking for clothes one morning. She had tried on numerous outfits, but they were all too large. I then realized she was quite thin, which was why I had not felt the weight of her body on me. I suddenly understood that I had caused a lot of suffering and resentment.

She unintentionally touched my hair. When our kid entered the room, he remarked, “Dad, you should take Mom to the door.” My son had grown accustomed to watching his father bring her mother to the door by this point in his life. He was given a hug by my wife as I hid my face. I was concerned that I had altered my perspective about divorce. It felt like our wedding day as I carried my wife to the door in my arms.

She gave my neck a gentle, natural touch. Just like on the night of our wedding, I tightly hugged her. She was incredibly thin, and I was saddened by this as I embraced her without moving. The final day, I simply hugged her and remained still, telling her that I had not realized we had no privacy. At school was our son. I arrived at the office by automobile, climbed the steps without locking the door, and said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to divorce my wife.” Joan then unlocked the door for me.

Joan gave me a curious look and enquired whether I was feverish. I said:

My wife and I adore each other, but the reason was because we were acting in a monotonous and normal way. Since I started carrying her into the room, we stopped appreciating the small details of our lives. Joan slapped me and shut the door as she started to cry. I climbed the steps, got into my car, and drove to the florist.

I bought flowers for my wife. The florist’s employee asked me what I should put on the card. I instructed her to write: Until death separates us, I shall carry you every morning. I hurried up the stairs after arriving at my house with flowers in my hands and a smile. I located my wife’s body. I was so preoccupied with Joan that I was oblivious to the fact that my wife was fighting cancer. My wife requested a month’s notice before the divorce since she knew she was dying and wanted to spare our son any negative memories of the process.

The memory of his father, who was a decent spouse and loved his wife, will endure, at least in the eyes of my son. Not the house, the car, or the amount of money in the bank—it’s the little things that make a relationship work. All of this merely produces an atmosphere that, despite what you may believe, does not promote happiness. Try to maintain a happy marriage and post this tale on social media. You might just save a marriage. All failure stories include people giving up just before they start to succeed. Before we lose something, we do not truly appreciate it.

The love this woman had for her spouse is only one example of the genuine blessings in life that we sometimes take for granted.

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