“I saw off my family, and the next morning I headed to their house. But when I crossed the threshold, my heart almost stopped. After what I saw, I was in shock.”

My daughter Lilia notified me at the end of May that she and the kids would be moving in with her husband Pavel, who had been living and working abroad for a while. They had a car loan that needed to be repaid as quickly as possible, which was the cause. I assisted my daughter in any way I could when she was living in her own country. I frequently looked after the kids so she could have some time to herself. I agreed with my daughter’s decision when she suggested it because a family should reside together and the kids missed their dad.

I have a request for you, Mom. Please stop by our house so you may water my plants and feed the bunny. My child enquired.

Certainly, sweetheart. No issue. I told her to go ahead and travel stress-free. I said goodbye to my loved ones and drove to their house the following morning. But when I stepped across the threshold, my heart almost stopped. It’s impossible to describe the shambles that appeared before my eyes.

Their belongings were all over the floor, and the bathroom walls were covered in indications of their use. I decided that “I need to clean this up,” so the next day, I came back with a mop, scrub brushes, and cleaning goods. I was able to organize everything in a short period of time. I fed their bunny and watered the plants before returning home.

After three weeks, the kids came back, and I welcomed them at the airport. I imagined my daughter would be delighted to see how tidy the house was. But as soon as we arrived at their home, my daughter whirled around and yelled, “Mom, what have you done! Just water the plants, as I ordered you to do. My son-in-law followed closely after. He said that they were now uneasy in this place. We received the impression that we were in a stranger’s place. I was unable to handle everything.

I slammed the door as I turned around and went. While walking down the street, I was unable to control my tears. How unappreciative they were. I made the decision to stop speaking with them until they all came to me and expressed regret for what they had said.

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