Dad Kicks Son Out Of House After Young Man Excluded Him From Wedding Over Bride’s Parents

A dad from New Jersey purchased his son a four-bedroom house in Pennsylvania after he attended college there and decided to stay rather than go back to New Jersey.

The father believed the house would be a wonderful place for them to visit sometimes so they could spend quality time with their child in between traveling from New Jersey to Manhattan for business.

The original poster (OP) was in responsibility of paying the house’s taxes, services, and maintenance while his son was in charge.

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The arrangement was perfect for both men until the man’s son met his future bride.

While living in the Pennsylvania house, the young man met a woman, and they soon became close. After he proposed and took over his father’s house, his new fiancée moved in with him.

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When the young man’s family met his potential wife, everything appeared to be going smoothly, and everyone got along. However, as the wedding came up, everything started to go south.

The family held a “get to know you” BBQ at the Pennsylvania home to celebrate the engaged couple and honor their son and new daughter-in-law’s families.

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Everything seemed to be going well during the BBQ when the OP’s son’s fiancée, her mother and sisters, the OP’s wife and daughter, and the young man himself entered the house together.

Shortly after everyone else left the house, the OP’s wife and daughter came out, both of them looking extremely upset. They refused to tell why they were going back to New Jersey but told the OP they were leaving immediately now.

Without further questioning them, the OP drove the women in his life back to their homes. After they returned home and the women had a chance to collect themselves, he found what went wrong.

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While they were inside the OP’s home with his wife and children, the future bride’s family informed the OP’s family that they were not “their kind of people” and were not permitted to attend the wedding.

This frightened the OP, who called his son to get his take on the matter. He revealed:

He informs me that we have all been declined invitations to her family’s wedding because they believe we are unworthy and will make them look bad.

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After that phone call, the OP needed a week to collect himself before going from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to meet with his kid in person. But when he got there, he was amazed and furious at what he found.

The prospective son-in-law and her family were living there instead of the OP when he got home to Pennsylvania; they had apparently moved there without his knowledge.

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When his prospective daughter-in-law’s family asked him why he was there, he explained that he had gone there to speak to his son since he had been denied entry to the wedding. Then he was told to leave their house. The OP acknowledged that

“I snapped and gave them 30 days to go,’ I said. Inform my son that I’m selling the house so that he can move elsewhere and live with you all. I visit a local agent to list the house for sale.

The OP’s son was not at home when the incident occurred, but his fiancée called him at work to let him know what had happened because she thought the son rather than his father owned the house.

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Then, when the OP’s son contacted, he wanted to know why he was selling his house. According to the OP’s response, his son was living there without paying rent and was ordered to leave since he no longer wanted to be around his family. The OP expressed his concern that “in-laws seem to take over and we no longer count.”

If the young man, his fiance, and her family didn’t vacate the property within 30 days, a lawyer would evict them. People who saw the post advised the man to get legal representation as soon as possible and that he wasn’t being unreasonable. Instead, they thought the OP had the authority to kick them out.

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