Bell decided to visit her grandparents’ house with her daughter, but when she opened the door, she was shocked to see everything.

Bell sat down on a park bench after leaving work. She wasn’t ready to return home yet. She was a store employee, and it was already dark outside when her shift finished just a little after eleven o’clock. She took a seat, looked up at the stars, and thought back on her life.

When she was just three years old, her parents had already passed away. They left to purchase gifts for the new year but never came back. They were involved in an automobile accident and perished. Bell’s grandparents were left in charge. They spent a lot of time with Bell, whom they adored. She used to go with her grandfather to the hayloft where they would watch the stars. She thought about her wonderful grandfather, who lived his entire life for her, while she gazed at the stars at this time. Nothing is impossible in life, he taught Bell. You must have a dream and work tirelessly to realize it.

Bell was a model student who often received acclaim from her professors. She fell in love with Mykita, a classmate who had recently been added to their class, when she was in the seventh grade. She pictured herself and Mykita having a sizable brood.

Bell was sent to a summer camp in the eighth grade because Marina’s grandma had a vacation voucher to the coast. Bell spent a memorable time at sea, where she often daydreamed. She did, however, learn something unexpected when she got back. Her grandparents perished in the blaze that destroyed their home. Marina’s eyes were so unbelievable. Her most beloved family members had passed away, and the house was nearly empty. Bwll was taken up by distant relatives so she wouldn’t be placed in an orphanage. Despite being wonderful people, Uncle Ivan and Aunt Diana were quite busy, leaving little time for Marina to herself.

Aunt Diana insisted that Marina enroll in a technical school so she could get a job and live independently more quickly than Marina wished to attend a pedagogical university. Marina thus abandoned her dream. After an unfortunate marriage and dropping out of school, she made the decision to return to the hamlet where she hadn’t visited in a while. She had never returned home; she had only visited the graveyard. Her heart was heaviness from it.

She gave in to her recollections at the house. She was abruptly yelled at. She recognized Mykita, the seventh-grade classmate with whom she had fallen in love. They had a nice time conversing and exploring the village. They were discovered to be unmarried. They were married and had three children in less than six months. Through online learning, Marina finished her pedagogical education and is currently employed by the institution that she previously attended.

A new house was erected where the previous one formerly stood. In the nights, Marina visits and gazes idly upward. Her life will be fine in every way.

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