Watch the unforgettable moment a man proposes after rekindling high school romance 60 years later

True love endures forever! Love will always find a way to bring two people together if they are destined to be together.

Thomas and Nancy’s love story serves as the ideal illustration of that. These two first fell in love in high school, but their relationship ended, and it had been more than 60 years since they had last spoken.

But after all that time, Thomas and Nancy finally got back together and experienced the same kind of attraction that they had back when they were just teenagers.

They kept in touch nonstop for a few weeks and it seemed as though nothing had changed from when they were kids.

In order to meet up, the two decided to fly to Tampa, where Nancy met her high school sweetheart without realizing he was waiting for her with a proposal in hand. Thomas was quick to propose when she saw him at the airport.One of Thomas’ coworkers recorded the romantic moment of Thomas popping the question to Nancy, and the video was later posted on social media.

Nancy was obviously overwhelmed and couldn’t contain her delight.

Thomas began his speech with, “My darling Nancy, it has been sixty years since we first met, 56 years since we first dated, ten years since I last saw you, and twenty days since we reconnected.

Tomas informed the woman that she still makes his heart skip a beat and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He told her that after all those years, he was glad to be able to embrace her in his arms and express his admiration for both her outward and inner beauty.

He assured her that he would stand by her side no matter what and that he would share his goals and desires with her.

We are overjoyed for this adorable pair and send them our warmest wishes for success in life.

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