Meghan and Harry’s friend shares picture of Archie – inside his ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party

When Charles was anointed King on May 6, a new era in British history began. Thousands of Londoners lined the streets to witness the magnificent celebration, which was also attended by other royals and dignitaries like presidents and prime ministers.

Another big royal celebration, though, occurred across the Atlantic in warm California as Charles inherited the throne. Harry and Meghan’s son Prince Archie turned four.


The couple had made it plain that if they were to attend the coronation, their small son’s birthday would be celebrated.

In the end, only Harry was present to support his father on his special day, while Meghan stayed at home with the kids and prepared for a “low-key” birthday celebration.

The importance of Archie’s birthday in Meghan’s decision to stay in the US and not go with her husband to London was discussed by royal authority Omid Scobie.

“I believe that the couple’s choice was influenced by Archie’s fourth birthday, which was also on May 6. Prince Harry will only be in the country for a brief visit because he needs to attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey, according to Scobie’s tweet.

Even though Meghan was unable to attend the coronation, it appears that Charles nevertheless gave his grandson, Archie, a passionate toast to mark his fourth birthday. This occurred both during the family’s appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London and the private meeting that took place shortly after King Charles was crowned at Westminster Abbey, to which Harry was invited but declined to go.

According to rumors, Harry was rushing to get a flight back home so he could celebrate Archie’s birthday. After the birthday party, he wanted to be there in time to put his son to sleep. Harry reportedly hopped on an aircraft at 3:45 and touched down in Los Angeles at around 6:55 local time.

Close friends and family members attended Archie’s birthday celebration, and according to insiders close to the family, Meghan herself created a lemon cake with fruits from the Sussexes’ garden.

In a scene from the Netflix documentary, photographer Misan Harriman, a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, wished Archie a happy birthday while showing him holding a picture of the late Princess Diana.

Many people thought this was adorable, but some believed the picture was meant to draw attention away from Charles’ crowning.

The Sussexes received a flood of birthday greetings from their followers.

“Happy Birthday, Archie,” someone wished. “We adore you and your loved ones. We anticipate seeing photos soon. Blessings. We rejoice over you. Today is fantastic thanks to you.

Happy birthday to Prince Archie and many more to come, we say.

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