Madonna recovering from health scare, postpones Celebration world tour

Due to a health scare, Madonna has decided to postpone at least some of her upcoming Celebration globe tour. The tour, which was planned to follow her experimental, theater-based Madame X concerts in 2019 and 2020, was intended to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her breakthrough song, Holiday.

In the video announcing the tour, Madonna said, “I am delighted to explore as many songs as possible in hopes of giving my fans the concert they have been waiting for.

The global popstar was hospitalized due to a “serious” infection that required “a several day stay in the ICU,” according to the diva’s longtime manager Guy Oseary, who also stated that a full recovery is anticipated. He continued, “At this time, we must pause all commitments, including the tour. As soon as we have more information, such as a new start date for the tour and new dates for the rescheduled performances, we will let you know.

She had been receiving care at a hospital in New York City, according to media sources. According to current reports, Madonna has been released from the hospital and returned home to New York via private ambulance.

Numerous celebrities, acquaintances, and fans sent their best wishes for the diva’s quick recovery.

Following the news of her hospitalization, some tweets included the phrase “Madonna is the blueprint whose influence continues to carry through EVERY cycle of pop stars,” among others.”Yes, even your favorite,” the term “icon” in its purest form. Yet from the beginning of her career, she was made fun of and undervalued. I’m glad she should fully recover. Manifest some respect.

The Weekend commented, “Sending our prayers [heart emoji, prayer-hand emoji] @madonna,” and Kathy Griffin wrote, “I don’t know what’s going on with Madonna, I don’t know, but I love her and want to defend her.” The 64-year-old hitmaker also received messages from other celebrities. I find it offensive that so many people are already joking around about how visibly ill or collapsed she is. She’ll be alright, that much is certain. But I’ll be up front and say that I believe ageism and misogyny are a big part of it.

Madonna posted a series of pictures of herself at a rehearsal last week with the title “The Calm Before The Storm.”

We hope Madonna fully recovers.

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