John Legend shares how his children embarrass him when he is in public

One of the cutest celebrity couples is John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. They enjoy sharing anecdotes about their daily lives and the “struggles” that come with parenthood as well as images of themselves and their kids.

Three lovely kids were born to the couple. Luna, their daughter, was born to them in 2016. Their son Miles was born two years later, and before they welcomed their youngest child a few months ago, they endured the heartache of Teigen losing her pregnant kid. The two were honest about their suffering.

Legend recently made an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where he told endearing tales about his kids. He further added that they demand he play Miles while he drives them to school and drops them off because they adore his music so much.

Especially my son, they do. He is like Rain Man when it comes to song lengths and knows every one of my songs. In an awkward admission, the singer said, “He recalls how long each song is and he’s like, ‘Actually ‘Green Light’ is a little longer than this one, it’s 3:19. Why, you might ask? Well, his children go to the same school as other famous people’s kids, including Jay Z’s daughter.

Legend playfully remarked, “I’m pulling up, playing my music loud and it’s embarrassing. No, [JAY-Z] isn’t singing “Reasonable Doubt” to his kids in the car, at least not that I hear.

The couple explained the significance of the name Esti for their youngest kid. Teigen referred to it and stated, “We were on vacation. I kept seeing the name Este of the hotel while I was staring up at it when we were getting married in Italy, and I immediately thought, “I love the name Este.”

I was only tinkering with it before Esti was created.

They later discovered that Esti was the name of Legend’s great-grandmother. Teigen said, “I suppose it was Esther and then they changed it to Esti.

We think that Legend and Teigen are fantastic parents to their three kids, and that the two of them together constitute a really lovely family of five.

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