Father praised for choosing to carry his large dog instead of his young son

For the loveliest reason ever, a TikTok video posted by user Luz Elena received millions of views and as many comments.

She saw a man, holding his small son’s arm, and a gray Pit Bull in his arms as he walked down the street. When she recorded the incident on camera with the caption “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” it sparked a debate about whether he was right or wrong to carry the dog rather than the child.

The boy’s mother could be seen following them while pushing a child’s bike or stroller that was hauling a sizable packed object. Some of the users made light of the situation, joking that the child was ‘forced’ to walk because his mother ‘had stolen’ his bike.

“Nobody observed the mother pushing the tricycle from behind. The kid is now walking since mom put something in the trike. Maybe the dog is sick, someone wrote. Others suggested additional justifications for the man’s decision to hold his huge dog in his arms. This is truly really delicious. The dog is carrying him since it’s probably too hot for his paws to be on the pavement.

But the majority, if not all, of the remarks were positive towards the father. He was praised by many for his dedication, maturity, and compassion.

Because he holds his son by the hand, “he is (demonstrating) a great deal of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his son. A thousand blessings,” someone else wrote, while another person added: “Super dad. I would have followed suit. Kid is wearing shoes, but the dog is not. It also seems heated. Plus, his mother was around; perhaps he felt like walking.

The adorable video has roughly 5 million views to far.

It is encouraging to observe some people’s care for animals and their welfare.

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