“Daddy, daddy!” shouted an unfamiliar girl and ran towards my husband, and she definitely didn’t mistake him. What happened next cannot be described in words.

He was a trainee. He completed his internship in the pediatric department of the city hospital. He did well in school and believed he was qualified to practice pediatrics. But occasionally, reality diverges from our assumptions.

The chief physician gave him a tour of the facility, introduced him to the kids, and underlined the importance of adopting a unique strategy when treating orphaned youngsters. It wasn’t easy for him to handle the hefty task. His heart broke when he saw sick children. One day, he went into a room and saw a girl with blue eyes and light hair resting there. She gave him a smile. Instead of crying, the girl gave him a huge blue eyed stare instead.

She had just turned three or four. She extended her hand and grinned broadly as he welcomed her. She resembled a tiny angel. He was informed by the nurse that she had been abandoned after being found on the street in extreme cold. She formerly resided with her aunt, but she fled because the aunt didn’t care for her. Fortunately, she made a full recovery, and following her discharge, she was transferred to an orphanage. She simply wasn’t aware of it yet. The young girl won his heart, and the two of them developed a friendship.

She, on the other hand, grew attached to him and tried to spend as much time with him as she could, waiting for him every day, standing by the door of her room. She followed him around the department, attempting to catch his eye however she could. They all adored her and referred to her as “little angel.” The girl once presented the doctor with a picture of her mother. She gave the picture a kiss while clutching it tightly. She sadly stated that her mother was in heaven.

“Unlike my aunt, who is cruel and resembling a fairy tale witch, my mom was kind.” There was an end to the internship. “Don’t go, don’t go, you’re my daddy,” the little angel pleaded, refusing to let him leave. Both of them found it tough to say goodbye. She sobbed. The girl was then taken to an orphanage. There was a year. He wed a decent, gentle girl.

One day as they were wandering through the park, they heard a toddler calling out, “Daddy, daddy!” The girl ran in their direction. He was aware of her. His wife surprisedly turned to face him. As it turned out, the young child had been adopted by a devoted family and was growing up in a loving environment.

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