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The revelation that one of your kids has vanished is a dreadful, terrifying thing to face all of a sudden.

Since it is our innate desire to love and care for our children at all times, when they vanish in such a way and there is nothing you can do to stop it, our feelings of terror and panic soar to the highest possible levels.

When Kaydon Leach, age 6, went missing on the night of April 23, his parents experienced terrible emotions. Chula, his dog, was also with him.

Officials began looking for him at 7 o’clock, and it took 100 people to search for him from Monday night until Tuesday morning. When they finally located the young child, he wasn’t alone himself.

The Blount County Bureau of Investigation in Tennessee issued a warning about a “endangered child,” and rescue teams spent the entire night doing grid searches across nearly 2000 acres!

Kaydon is just six years old, therefore concerns for his safety were of the utmost importance. In addition to the K-9 teams, the large-scale search for him also involved the Blount County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a Black Hawk military helicopter, and volunteer search parties from the neighborhood.

Unbelievably, 22 hours later, he was discovered halfway home at the Top of the World Community in Blount County by Chula, a black and white terrier that Kaydon had with him and who showed up to assist them.

Chief Deputy Jeff French of the County Sheriff’s Office stated:

When the rescuers approached Kaydon, the dog really hissed at them.

The family of Kaydon expressed their sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted in the search for him. When Kaydon was found, he was chilly, so the rescuers wrapped him in blankets and a jacket and carried him up the mountain to the nearest road. He was then transferred to the Blount Memorial Hospital.

It was said:

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us find Kaydon, including volunteers and local law enforcement. Even from folks we don’t even know, we have received a huge amount of support. Please respect our request for privacy at this time. We value all of our friends and neighbors.

We are so happy that everything worked out in the end and that the young girl was discovered safe and healthy, although being a little chilly. It only proves that dogs are a man’s closest buddy in the truest sense!

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