Tom Cruise disappointed his fans because of his age and appearance. This is his most recent appearance

American actor Tom Cruise is well-known and became one of Hollywood’s most recognizable leading men in the 1980s. He is praised for both his beauty and flexibility.

He appeared in small roles in box office and critical darlings like “Taps,” which helped make Cruise a household name worldwide.

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who is well-known and talented, turned 60 this year.

Since his ascent to popularity in the 1980s, Tom Cruise has been a widely favored love interest.

Some people believe the singer still has the appearance of a 24-year-old due to his busy activity.

He’s been a handsome young guy his entire life. However, as time goes on, nobody gets any younger.

Fans were shocked when Tom displayed a brand-new self-portrait. Fans cautioned him that the photo was useless and that not even plastic could save him.

Two of Cruise’s admirers asked, “I assume he doesn’t look great,” and “How has he changed.” Others have remarked on the actor’s transformation from his once-attractive appearance. Due of his appearance, he also wouldn’t be able to get employment and earn a living.

Others observed that Tom, who is 60 years old, doesn’t look it given his appearance. Are you still attracted to him, do you think?

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