This is how these Siamese siblings were cared for after they were separated

Siamese siblings were successfully divided by Italian doctors. This surgery was unprecedented in the entire world because the girls shared a cranium and the majority of the arteries.

Ervina and Prefina underwent the uncommon treatment in June, but it was kept a secret until it was found that they were recovering well.

Having two kids, according to the daughter’s mother, was a blessing. Almost immediately after giving birth, they found themselves in an Italian hospital where doctors were providing free procedures to infants from the Central African Republic.

The babies stood unusual even among Siamese twins because the sisters shared significant brain vessels as they developed across their skulls and necks—but not in front, but rather behind.

The infant underwent two surgical operations for the first time, making it his or her first trip to the operating room, prior to the big surgery last year. The blood flow to each twin’s brain was then controlled by medical personnel to guarantee enough blood flow.

They used cutting edge technology to create 3D reconstructions of the girls’ skulls and brains as they meticulously prepared for the procedure. Thirty doctors and nurses had to take part in the procedure. The doctor claimed that the siblings had been separated for 18 hours.

After their surgeries, Ervina and Prefina are already feeling better and healing. They had already spent their second birthday apart after spending it in their mother’s arms in the hospital.

The children’s mother now hopes that her children will be able to complete their education to become doctors so that they may assist their own children.

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