In exchange for returning a $10,000 check to the proprietor, an honest homeless man receives a house and training.

Most people would want to believe that they would return any money they found on the ground.

When a homeless man who had nothing came across a sum of money that would change his life, he wasted no time in returning it to its rightful owner.

In New Haven, Connecticut, Elmer Alvarez was out on the streets when he came upon the $10,000 check.

Elmer had been dealt a bad hand in life and could have done whatever he wanted with the check, but he chose to give it back to the rightful owner.

He ultimately took a path that would improve his life because of his candor.

The cash belonged to real estate agent Roberta Hoskie, who lost it at a busy crossroads and learned of its theft the next day.Elmer’s first thought upon seeing the check was, “I need to find this person.”

He claimed he had not considered keeping the cash for himself.

“I never thought about it because I decided to change my life.” Elmer told CBS News, “I’ve been pure for three years.”

Roberta was keen to meet Elmer and express her gratitude after learning that the check had been returned.

“I expected to find a man all lovely, freshly shaved, and dressed in a blue suit,” she remarked.

Elmer, who was informing Roberta that he was homeless and had brought a friend along because his English wasn’t very strong, was the person she met instead.

It proved assumptions wrong, according to Roberta.

When Roberta offered Elmer a check as a thank-you gift, he started to cry.

In an effort to address widespread preconceptions about the homeless, Roberta live-streamed her interaction with Elmer on Facebook.

Roberta is well aware of the many causes of homelessness because she ended up having to maintain herself and her son on just $400 per month while living in a shelter.

Roberta was able to escape poverty and now runs a prosperous, multimillion dollar real estate company.

Roberta has been helping Elmer ever since the beginning of the year. She not only helped him locate housing and covered his rent for seven months, but she also covered the cost of real estate school so he could work for her business.

The two are now preparing to construct a transitional residence for homeless youth and young adults that will offer the services Elmer deemed essential.

“I’ve been a homeless person. He argued that no one should live their lives in such a way.

Elmer returned the check without anticipating being compensated. Because of the public’s growing understanding of the humanity of individuals compelled to live on the streets, Elmer now enjoys the life he deserves.

People never forget when you help them out and often return the favor, like Roberta and Elmer are doing right now.

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