Douglas, 78, has altered and is now virtually unrecognizable

Michael Douglas is only 78 years old, which is difficult to comprehend.

I’m sure a lot of our clients saw movies starring the alluring actor.

Everyone remembers the pleasant smile on the young, handsome man’s face in the picture. Fans of Douglas have remarked that it would be difficult to mistake the performance for anyone else due to his dazzling white grin.

The dramatic change in Michael’s appearance since they last saw him has outraged fans. The famous Hollywood actor lengthened his hair to update his look.

In an effort to cover up the gray hairs that had started to grow on his head, Kirk Douglas, 78, dyed his hair a bright scarlet color.

The performer’s admirers thought he had undergone a big transformation and had become an actual grandfather as a result.

I was wondering what you thought of the actor’s appearance. Post your comments about the topic below.

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