Dad makes daughter sleep in backyard for disrespecting housemaid, asks if he’s wrong

No matter their socioeconomic standing, showing kindness to those around you is just common decency. One teen received punishment and a grounding after transgressing a fundamental rule that her father held dear.

The worried father went on Reddit to explain why he forced his germ-phobic daughter spend the night outside after she disobeyed their housekeeper. He questioned whether it was appropriate for him to chastise his daughter in such a harsh manner. After what she did to our housemaid, he asked, “Am I the a$$hole for making my daughter sleep in the backyard?”
Dad has daughter sleep in the backyard after she disobeyed the housekeeper and queries whether he is correct.

“My 16-year-old daughter is a junior in high school. I’ve observed recently that she’s been acting badly, always making remarks about other people’s appearances and possessions, calling them things that aren’t cool, and generally being rude,” he added. Usually polite, it’s like she lost her filter or something, but my wife had a sneaking suspicion that our daughter’s unexpected misbehaving had started after she began hanging out with new schoolgirls.

He claimed that she seemed to have made friends with “mean types” of people and observed their actions. “I’ve talked with my daughter a lot about how her actions have been hurting everyone around her while we’ve been sitting together. The person who is most affected in this situation is our housemaid, and my daughter has chosen to criticize her for her hair, clothes, and “etiquette” before adding that the house help had complained of his daughter calling her offensive names like “filthy” and “gross” for cleaning particular areas of the house.

“I stood up and made it clear to my daughter that I would discipline her if she ever said anything unkind to our housekeeper again. When my daughter called our housemaid “filthy” earlier that day, I grounded her by forbidding her from attending the party last week. She pitched a tantrum and accused our housemaid of lying, claiming that she had never done so. That put an end to it.

The 16-year-old reported that she couldn’t find her iPhone a few days later. She requested that I call her phone number, so I did. My wife and I were shocked to learn that our housemaid’s bag contained our iPhone, which was ringing.

She denied it, sobbed, and said she had never touched the phone and had no idea how it got there when I confronted her right away. Before her father stepped in, the teenager repeatedly labeled the home help a robber. “I instructed her to halt and enter her chamber. Before continuing the debate, I looked at the interior camera. I was furious to see my daughter put her iPhone in our housemaid’s purse. I told the housekeeper I was sorry and gave her the rest of the day off. When I subsequently showed my daughter the video, she was completely speechless.

He couldn’t believe how far his daughter went to retaliate against the housekeeper. “I told her that interfering with that poor woman’s livelihood because of a trivial party she couldn’t attend was immoral and outright offensive. She screamed and begged me not to make her sleep in the dirt, bugs, and heat when I told her she was grounded and would have to spend the night in the backyard (she is a germaphobe). If I didn’t talk about it, I’d have to stay another night. My wife begged me to be kind with her, but I insisted that accusing somebody of stealing and calling them dirty was the ultimate worst, so I carried out my punishment,” he wrote.

Most of them agreed with the father and thought the housekeeper didn’t deserve to be treated in such a way. One commenter said, “You should pay the maid a week’s salary and make your daughter do ALL the housework for a week!” The teenager allegedly refused to eat as a result of the punishment. Therapy was a Redditor’s suggestion. Don’t do this, please. Send her to counseling. It’s obvious that something is wrong, and encouraging a young person to harm themselves is unacceptable,” they added.


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