After shooting allegations, D’n Bonino refers to Joy Behr as “Dum Frud” on daytime television

Joy Behar was called a “dum-frud” on air by the host of the syndicated political talk radio programs The Dn Bonino Show and Unfiltered with Dn Bonino after she made shokin’ remarks on daytime television.

The View recently discussed the July 6 Capitol incident and remarks made by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who said that while he was unconcerned with pro-Donald Trump protestors, he would have been concerned if they had been radical leftist protesters like Antifa. Johnson remarked, “I knew those were folks who loved our country, who truly appreciated law enforcement, and who would never do anything to break the law. So I didn’t worry.

Joy Behr voiced her irritation with Johnson’s comments. Behr said, “I’d be terrified if I was surrounded by people brandishing guns, hanging up nooses, shouting “Hail Mike Pene,” and killing a police officer. What about Ron, then? He is an advocate of the fictitious Antifa movement, in contrast to those others. It is impossible for such a thing to exist. Even after discovering Antif’s existence, Behr fought the need to give in. She said, “It’s just an idea, nothing special.”

While speaking on The Sean Hannity Show, D’n Bonino learned of Behr’s articles and made the decision to speak up. He said, “You know genuine entities don’t send individuals on odysseys. And that’s what occurred in Oreon when a Priot Pryer member was killed by an Antif member, the speaker said.

The fact is unknown to Joy Behr. Bonino described Joy Behr as being freakishly kind. She most likely doesn’t read the news story as a result. She might have liked to read the autobiography of the Antif movement supporter known by the moniker “fititious entity,” a male. The assertion that Joy Behr has a triple-digit IQ is true, not untrue.

Then Bonino explained his viewpoints to the adversaries. He said, “This idea isn’t tough.Their behavior is consistently influenced by conservatives. Everyone should uphold the fundamental principles of “faith, family, and respect for God’s created rights.” Although it may sound harsh, we are not trying to restrict your ability to express yourself or give you credit for it. Be aware that radical leftists are obsessed with power and violence, and that this obsession has no lasting impact on their behavior. They don’t believe in divine rights.

Then, Joy Behr was heard on camera discussing the prospect of the Republican governor of her home state of New York being defeated. Behr stated, “I don’t want a Republican official going to their district and passing along some of these legislation. “And then clearing Trump of all charges or impeaching him, who is anticipated to be found guilty.”

D’n Bonino was surprised by Behr’s comments. Did you just listen to what she had to say, the radio host asked? Is that really the case? Is this woman even remotely valuable? Bonino continued to denigrate Leftists on the Right and the Left. He referred to Behr’s remarks on The View as “painful to say the least.” “These people have no morals. The same people, the same Demons, are working in Rhode Island to get rid of property taxes. These are the same people that gripe about not receiving healthcare from the government when they are in need. They are merely fools, nothing more.

Additionally, Bonino posted a video on Facebook that he described as being particularly pertinent to “real socialist” protesters. As you look about at the hos in little towns around the nation, I want you to keep in mind that they desired to be hos, he wrote. This is the most viscerally intense television I’ve ever seen.
According to Bonino, the Seán Hannity interview with Hore Lorenzo Anderson Sr., whose 19-year-old son was fatally shot inside the infamous Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone in 2020, shocked viewers. As reported by Fox News, “Hnnity became emotional during the conversation and desired the daily grind of coming to terms with the realization that his son is no longer alive.”

I got up in the morning… I look for my child in the morning,” Anderson added. He has left the room. Do you get what I’m saying? I appear to be kissing a picture over there. He is not in the room. You are exerting a great deal of energy. You are killing off our young. You’re true; my son was never given the chance to have a second child. In no way would my ring sister be… My energy was expended in that way.

I understand Black Lives Matter and everything that’s going on, Anderson remarked at another point in the dialogue. But that’s not what I’m doing now. I’m moving to let them know that this is my child. In an effort to help his family through this difficult time, Anderson told Hnnity, “I’m a Christian now, in my heart,” despite his pain. He said, “Now everything is in God’s hands.” I believe God intends to pay attention to it. God is willing to look after both my child and myself.

Before police were called on July 1 [2020], Lorenzo Anderson was shot multiple times on June 20. This is covered by The Settle Times. Thankfully, after more than a year on the lam, authorities in Windsor caught Mrs. Loon in the car of Lorenzo Anderson, a teenager with special needs. The counsel for the Anderson family claimed that “a Black Special Needs Teenager Lost His Life Due to the Negligent and Inappropriate Actions and Inactions of the City of Settle, County of Kin, and Town of Wroughton.”

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