What the Boy with the World’s Longest Eyelashes Looks Like Now

Muin, our unique protagonist, is a Tajik who comes from a big family. Muin’s mother was shocked by the enormous eyelashes that reached his lips when he was born. Doctors reassured her that the baby was, in fact, in wonderful health.


The family has lived in the Russian capital for a number of years, and Muin is a recurring subject of curiosity. This is due to the absence of such a distinctive attribute in any of his contemporaries or anyone older for that matter.

Muin also has eyebrows that are noticeably thick, which led medical professionals to believe that these are just pronounced ethnic characteristics of his people. It is well known that people with eastern ancestry typically have hair that is thicker and healthier.

Muin has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for his originality. He succeeded in breaking the record for the longest eyelashes among children. His eyelashes are intriguingly growing, suggesting that he may soon claim the ultimate world record.

Muin, on the other hand, is used to the increased media attention. He receives inquiries about his eerily long eyelashes on a regular basis.

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