“Mom Makes Us Wear Girly Clothes”: The Producer Accused Megan Fox Of Mocking Her Sons!

Recently, Megan Fox, a well-known actress from films like “Jennifer’s Body,” found herself at the center of a debate. Images of her three sons wearing girls’ attire generated a contentious discussion.

Some fans of the actress are surprised that the lads, who go by the names Noah, Bodhi, and Journey, occasionally dress in feminine fashion and have long hair.

Producer Robbie Starbuck noticed a certain photo and expressed his concerns on social media.

He claimed to have overheard Megan’s sons crying uncontrollably about being forced to wear ladies’ clothes and their nanny comforting them in a terrible episode a few years back.

Robbie referred to it as a type of child abuse and urged people to pray for the safety of the kids.

It’s crucial to remember that this occurrence allegedly occurred a number of years ago, and Robbie only recently made the decision to make his experience public.

Elon Musk, a successful businessman, saw his tweet and decided to repost it to draw attention to the difficulties celebrity kids face.

In other news, Megan Fox and Coulson Baker have reconciled after temporarily delaying their wedding.

Fans are interested to see what the future holds for the couple because it appears like they are going forward in their relationship.

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