“Hollywood Parted The Brother And Sister In Different Directions”: Why Did Eric And Julia Roberts Quarrel?

Eric Roberts was once a well-liked performer, but his vices and womanizing prevented him from reaching his potential. He ultimately appeared in lower-caliber movies. He is talented, thus it is sad.


His mother was an actress and his father was a director, therefore he hailed from a creative household. He looked up to his little sister Julia, but once their parents separated, they lost touch.

Eric pursued acting in Britain and then made a triumphant return to Hollywood. After a motorbike accident left him with a scar on his face, he eventually received a breakthrough role after beginning with modest roles.

He became well-known for his “bad guy” roles.

Eric loved living the glitzy star lifestyle, but his habits and relationships were problematic.

Julia approached the scene in search of her own Hollywood success. Although Eric stood by her, their relationship deteriorated.

While Eric took practically any role to support his lifestyle, Julia’s career flourished.

When Julia sided with Eric’s ex-girlfriend in a custody dispute over their kid, their argument got worse.

Despite Julia’s best efforts to keep the siblings together, this caused a significant split between them.

But Eric was able to build a relationship with his daughter, a well-known Hollywood actress.

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