Got fat and stopped taking care of herself. What the most beautiful blonde of the ’90s looks like now

The legendary blonde beauty of the 1990s, Alicia Silverstone, may have fallen out of favor recently, leading some people to completely disregard her. The mysterious actress has, however, reappeared in a few sporadic photos taken by the ever-vigilant paparazzi. These sneak peeks at her present look have ignited a storm of feelings and views online.

One observer bemoaned, “I’m finding it hard to accept,” as the years passed. “How can someone change themselves so much?” One more said, “Time, you’re playing tricks on us again!” in agreement.
Fans were perplexed by Alicia’s metamorphosis a year ago when she appeared to maintain her feeling of normalcy and even scored a few small parts.

As individuals remembered about their childhood romances on Alicia in the comments section, nostalgia surged across the online debates. One fan gushed, “She was the ultimate heartthrob in the ’90s.” Not everyone agreed with the opinion, with one person stating, “I never thought she was very gorgeous. She was just another attractive person. Young people have nice looks on everyone.

These rare images have sparked a combination of surprise, nostalgia, and conflicting viewpoints as Alicia Silverstone continues to keep a low profile as her image develops. It serves as a reminder that everyone is affected by the passage of time and that beauty, like all other things, evolves over time.

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