“Ex-wife Strikes Back”: Brad Pitt Complained That Angelina Jolie Is Seeking To Take Away The Children From Him!

Actor Brad Pitt of Hollywood is concerned that his prolonged court battle with Angelina Jolie is hurting his connection with his kids. Brad thinks that his ex-wife is attempting to keep him from getting in touch with their children.

The 59-year-old actor and Angelina have been engaged in a legal spat ever since their 2016 divorce. Their property conflicts, particularly those involving shares of the French vineyard Château Miraval, have developed out of early disagreements over child custody.

Brad’s acquaintances claim that he is quite worried about Angelina’s actions.

Brad is of the opinion that Angelina will stop at nothing to accomplish her objectives, even if it means snatching his children from him. They have been unable to come to a peaceful conclusion because he is certain that she is acting solely out of retaliation. One of Brad’s pals said, “Unfortunately, this protracted battle is unlikely to end anytime soon.”

The primary actor of the movie “Babylon” also commented on the on-planet family scandal. Brad was allegedly abusive to Angelina and their children, and she even claimed that he hit their son Maddox with his hand. These accusations are strongly refuted by Brad, who claims they are untrue.

Angelina’s revelations, in his opinion, were an effort to damage his reputation.

The deeds of her ex-husband have seriously wounded Angelina. Ever since she and Brad split, her life has undergone a significant transformation. She has struggled with depression and has cut all social contact. Spending time with her kids is one way Angelina tries to cope.

Brad was able to continue living his life following the divorce. Ines de Ramon, a designer who is 29 years old, and he have been dating. In addition, he sold the mansion he occupied while living with Angelina.

On the eve of their daughter’s 17th birthday, Angelina refused to let Brad see their daughter, which infuriated Brad. Brad was unable to celebrate with Angelina because she sent Shiloh on vacation to Jamaica.

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