“They Have Heen Happy For 21 Years”: Julia Roberts Passionately Kissed Her Husband On their Wedding Anniversary!

The celebration of Julia Roberts’ and her husband Daniel Moder’s 21st wedding anniversary was a happy occasion for the whole family. Two years after they first connected on a movie set in 2000, the pair wed.

With them both wearing black and gray, Julia shared a rare snapshot of them together and simply said, “I love you.”

On their anniversary, friends and admirers wished them well and praised the strength of their union. Together with Daniel, Julia has three kids, whom the actress has devoted her life to raising.

She said that utilizing a messaging app to deliver virtual kisses and kissing her husband frequently both contribute to their happy marriage.

Julia returned to the film business after taking a vacation, and she is currently collaborating with Jennifer Aniston on a comedic project. At a jewelry company event recently, she showcased a new appearance with shorter bangs.

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