She’ll rip his head off! David showed fans what Victoria looks like on vacation

She will take off his head! David revealed to fans how Victoria appears while on vacation.

One of the most durable, sincere, and devoted celebrity couples is Victoria and David Beckham. Additionally, perhaps everywhere in the world, not just in Hollywood.

They occasionally pull pranks on one another, which is one of their marriage’s little-known secrets. Even while they may still be a long way from becoming a couple like Blake Lively and Ryan Reindl, their marriage nonetheless has its share of humorous moments. Victoria hardly ever displays this to the general public, therefore David is not at all reserved.

Mrs. Beckham just recently turned 49 years old.

The actual party was held within the family, after which Victoria, her husband David, and some friends caught a flight to Miami. They like yacht rides, swimming, tanning, and participating in water sports there.

However, the former peppercorn performs it poorly; it appears that she is new to this industry. However, her attempts only served to amuse her husband, who not only captured footage of how his beloved wife clumsily strives to keep balance, and flops clumsily into the water before posting it to social media with the caption “ha ha ha”.

The majority of web surfers felt this video was adorable. However, other girls had a different viewpoint. One user said, “I would have ripped my husband’s head off if he posted this.

David, though, made amends for his wrongdoing right away. The football player dove into the sea, picking up his lady, and carrying her to shore. Yes, you can overlook any jokes for this.

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