Donna gleams in a gold string biкini while sunbathing in Georgia

While lying in the Georgian heat, Donna shimmers in a gold string bikini.

In a stunning new snapshot posted to Instagram, Donna D’Errico appeared to be a golden goddess!

The gorgeous Baywatch beauty Donna D’Errico is string bikini royalty, and she is aware of it! She shared an incredible golden goddess look with her 1.7 million Instagram followers on Tuesday, April 18.

The brunette beauty was captured enjoying the early-summer sun while lounging on a plush white towel on a Georgian lawn. She was only wearing a tiny glitzy gold string bikini as she posed flawlessly.

She said in the post, “High of 81° here in Ga today,” with a blazing sun emoji. “I posted this picture of myself relaxing in my backyard to give myself some privacy.”

Her supporters went to the comments section to gush over the stunning image. One admirer exclaimed, “You wear that gold wonderfully!” while another joked, “wonderfully… I appreciate you posting…

I’m here, and you raised the temperature… and it’s already really warm. “You’re a true goddess, man. You made my day happier! Donna, have an amazing day! Another exclaimed, “So lovely.” “Golden FIRE!!!” yelled a fourth individual.

Even decades after the final Baywatch episode aired, Donna has been transparent about how she maintains her abnormally youthful appearance. She once told Extra, “It’s not entirely natural.” There are slight adjustments… The surgery includes nips and tucks, fillers, and botox.

She admitted that she can’t swim in 2022 despite her passion of swimsits.

She was able to land and hold the role despite the fact that her Baywatch character nearly demanded the knowledge. She reportedly said, “To this day, I still can’t swim,” as reported by Fox News. “I’m afraid of the water.”

Not even on the water can I walk. My character performs a rescue in the water in one scenario, which I believe to be the only one. And I’m pretty sure I tried to swim and almost drowned. I’m supposed to be saving a boy, but you can see the f-word coming out of my mouth while I swim in this pool. Having fins is one thing; not having fins is quite another.

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